Healthy Pregnancy Tips

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Healthy Pregnancy Tips
When it comes to expect during pregnancy then you should maintain the pregnancy for the fetus to develop properly and the mother is also healthy. Previously I have discussed about the Quick Tips and Good Pregnancy Tips Healthy Pregnancy can assist you in maintaining your health during pregnancy.

Healthy Pregnancy Tips is:

Consumption of healthy foods. You must remain in a balanced and healthy diet by eating fruits and vegetables that provide vitamins and minerals, or bread, rice and pasta which is a source of carbohydrates, fish, meat, eggs, nuts, dairy foods rich in protein.
Avoid alcohol and caffeine Alk * h * l can damage the developing fetus and can bring serious problems for newborns. Coffee and cola can also have negative effects on the fetus. The influence of alcohol on the fetus is not yet clear, but some experts believe that these drinks may increase the risk of low birth weight. It is recommended to not consume alcohol or caffeine during pregnancy.
Stop Smoking Research says that nicotine can interfere with the growth of the fetus if taken during pregnancy.
Exercise or regular exercise. Exercise beneficial to increase your endurance during pregnancy. In addition, exercise can help you manage or regulate physical stress. And do not forget that if you exercise regularly while you are pregnant, it will be easier for you to get back into shape after childbirth. Pregnant women are advised to do light exercise like walking, swimming, and yoga.
Get plenty of rest. Do not delay your sleep so sleepy.
Keep your feelings and thoughts in order to stay motivated. No need to worry! Maybe you are very worried about the miscarriage, but do not make the anxiety that interfere with the happiness of your pregnancy. Just remember that miscarriages occur because of abnormalities, so often times there's almost nothing you can do to prevent it and there's no reason to blame yourself when that happens
Thank you for taking the time to read the article Tips Healthy Pregnancy and let's create the Indonesia family life healthier, stronger and smarter.


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