Tips have clean white teeth

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Having white teeth to be everyone's dream because it supports the appearance and increase self-confidence. Your smile will increasingly be seen as charming and brilliant white teeth that look like an artist's model of advertising.

Have a Clean White Teeth Tips
Many factors that make the teeth look dull, partly because of the factor of food and beverages that contain a solid color so the color will be stuck in my teeth. Routine dental care at least every 6 months to Dentists will help you solve the problem other than dental course diligently brushed your teeth at least 2 times a day and after meals to remove food residue on the teeth.
Some tips have white teeth is the use of chemicals form a paste or gel and natural dental care. Here I try to share tips about having white teeth naturally, namely:

Eat apples, because apples contain calcium and can be cleaned
natural teeth.

Consumption of raisins. According to the study Christine D. Wu of the University of Illinois at Chicago, USA, showed that raisins contain compounds that fight bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum.

Avoid dark colored drinks such as coffee, tea, coca-cola, and others. Should use a straw when drinking beverages that are not on the teeth.
Eat foods that may contribute to whiten your teeth naturally include fruits and vegetables. For example, apples, carrots, and celery are quite effective for cleaning teeth.
Consumption of foods that can create a layer of "film" that will protect the tooth from the formation of stains. For example broccoli, celery and spinach are foods that can prevent the formation of stains on teeth.
Stop smoking because the nicotine content in cigarette main menjadimpenyebab stained teeth.
Consume lots of water to cleanse the mouth and teeth attached darim leftovers.
Eat less sugar, candy, or very sweet foods. At least drink plenty of water after eating these foods
Diligent brushing your teeth regularly using a toothbrush with soft fiber.
Those are some tips to have white teeth naturally biased you are doing. Many people are willing to pay top dollar to get dental care for the teeth they want. So, love and appreciate what you have. Thank you for reading the article Tips have clean white teeth, may be useful.