Gentle Hair Tips

March 13, 2012 By Arra Leave a Comment
Tips smooth as silk smooth hair - hair is a crown for the woman who must be always kept its beauty. Now you too can have beautiful hair soft and charming. You just do simple maintenance and do not use products that can damage your hair. With so soft hair will get. Certainly not as easy as imagined. For the following tips will be discussed as smooth as silk has a soft hair that must be read.

Smooth as silk smooth hair tips:

Avoid using harsh chemicals. Harsh chemicals commonly found in products such as smoothing rampbut care, coloring, or bleaching will damage the hair softness.
Use a conditioner. Use of this conditioner is very important, after using the shampoo for normal hair can come back and soft after using a shampoo that is alkaline and makes hair rough and not shiny.
Dry your hair in a natural way. Reduce the use of hair dyer to heat when drying your hair, because hair will become dry, wrinkled and fragile. Dikeringakn better naturally. When should quickly with a hair dryer, better use of the cold temperature or the fan.
Keep the clamp tool or curling. By using this heater hair did look beautiful in a short time, but there are bad effects that caused. Hair becomes rough and brittle. Better to let the hair naturally landscaped.
Use a mild shampoo formula. Shampoo is made from hard will make your hair lose its natural moisture. And will make the hair dry and stiff. When it can be difficult in a shampoo with a mild formula, you can use baby shampoo. That hair is always soft.
Use a hair mask regularly every month. Gives additional nutrition to the hair it mandatory. In order to maintain the beauty of her hair. Routinely do this hair mask once a month or 2 times a month. Can also be done at home, of course, with natural materials. Avocado and strawberry mask to make hair always fresh and soft. You can make hair soft tips above to get a crown that dream can enhance your appearance and increase self-confidence.
Please try this soft hair tips, and good luck. Thank you.